Storm Trooper High Grade (BUY 1OZ GET 1/4OZ FREE)


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Although this strain gets its name from the Stormtroopers of the Star Wars franchise, it’s best known for its insanely high THC levels, which have been measured up to 35%. Users describe the insanely powerful Storm Trooper high as one that is immediately intensely uplifting, leaving you incredibly spacey with some psychedelic effects. This head high is followed by a slowly building body buzz that is almost overwhelming at its peak, leaving you completely sedated and couch-locked. Oftentimes, users will find themselves drifting off into a psychedelic sleep as the body high kicks in. Due to these potent effects, Storm Trooper is ideal for treating insomnia, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. This bud has a smell of sweet buttery kush and a taste of sweet buttery kush with a hint of sour diesel upon exhale. The Storm Trooper buds have small to medium sized dark musty green nugs that are dense and leafy with a spattering of furry dark orange hairs and undertones. These nugs are caked in a thick layer of crystal white trichomes and resin.


1/4oz (7g), 1/2oz (14g), 1oz + 1/4oz Free


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