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The balance of sativa and indica is apparently near-even in Sleven (50:50 sativa/indica ratio), though reports and tests are few and far between. That means a combination of head and body effects that patients say is ideal for treating both mental and physical ailments. Exact THC and CBD levels are both something of a mystery, as are many details about this rather obscure strain. But Sleven is known to be a potent and effective choice for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and everyday stress. Without better data on CBD levels, this strain shouldn’t be used as an exclusive treatment for seizure disorders. The high is balanced between mind and body, with strong euphoria and creative clear-headedness. Sleven delivers a sweet, fresh flavor and a tropical aroma, each with a hint of pine. The multi-colored bud is covered in rich, resinous trichomes. Adverse effects are probably similar to those generated by other strains: cottonmouth and red eyes, as well as possible paranoia. At least one dispensary sells Sleven on the legal medical market in San Diego, but elsewhere it appears to be quite rare.


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