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Made to fit any 510 threaded battery

Premium 2-Pass Distillate (All Impurities removed twice)

1g Premium Full Spectrum Vape Oil Cartridge

Dual Heating Coil in the cartridge for better taste

Twice the cannabinoid concentration of other vapes

Free of PG/VG oil

93% THC

Ingredients: Distillate and terpenes. That’s it.

Cartridges and magnetic adaptor batteries:


When using a magnetic adaptor type battery please remove your cartridge as much as possible when not in use. Keeping the cartridge in these batteries for extended periods of time can cause a build up of leaked out oil if left out in a hot place, causing the bottom out of the cartridge to possibly pull out when removed.


It is recommended to clean the connector of their batteries with ISO and a q-tip every so often to remove any build up of residual oil.


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