AA+ Purple Buddah


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This product of crossbreeding between Mendocino Purps and Blue Buddha, this indica-dominant strain smells of grapes and has a pleasant, creamy berry flavor. The exact balance of indica to sativa is unknown, though the indica genes are clearly dominant. Likewise, there isn’t much information on it, but it’s a fairly potent choice for relaxation and stress relief. Expect a strong body high with couch-lock effects. Laziness and euphoria are the strongest aspects of the buzz, which can also be focused and giggly. Purple Buddha is best for treating anxiety, chronic pain, and mood disorders. It’s also a good treatment for insomnia, as the body effects induce sleepiness. This strain produces a smooth smoking experience with a sweet berry flavor and a sharp pungent aroma.


1/8oz (3.5g), 1/2oz (14g)


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