Shooters Advance in Canada Cup Action


At the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan, Vaughan Italia Shooters hosted the second round of the Canada Cup. Their opponents were the Oakville Blue Devils – the 2005 CSL Champions who defeated Italia Shooters 1-0.
Both teams added many new players to their roster since the 2005 playoff game (won by Oakville) and so the game was not quite the hot re-match one would expect. Oakville Blue Devils also have a new head coach (last year’s player and captain Phil Ionadi took over the coaching job after retiring from playing). Check top rated elliptical machines over here.


The Shooters made some changes to player positions to try and get a winning combination and better play then from their recent matches. Danny Sanna played central defense (changed from midfield) and Frank Bruno played outside midfield. Up front was the first start for forward Jason De Thomasis. These three changes seemed to pay immediate dividends for the Shooters as they pressed for most of the first half. Some good play-making allowed the Shooters at least four shots on the Oakville net with two breakaways stopped by the Oakville goalkeeper. The first half ended 0 – 0.

At the beginning of the second half, newcomer Alvaro Yaques took over for a tired Frank Bruno in midfield and this move seemed to spark the Shooters as they took total command of the midfield. A few minutes later another newcomer from the youth farm system, 18 year old Josue Jaramillo came for midfielder Joey Todaro. While being only 18, Josue along with Alvaro took command of the midfield and about ten minutes later, a one touch Alvaro pass to Jason De Thomasis who also made a one touch a pass to Josue for a Shooter breakaway. The Oakville goalie had only one chance and that was to come out and block the shot—but Josue cooling chipped the ball over the goalie into an open net for a 1-0 Shooter lead.


At the 65 minute mark, forward Kaiden Leckie made his first appearance for the Shooters and with his fast pace took the Oakville defense by complete surprise. It seemed that the only way the Oakville defense would stop Kaiden would be by fouling him – which they did but they did it in the Oakville penalty box area. Danny Sanna took the penalty shot and coolly beat the goalie with a top right corner perfect shot. Game ended 2-0 for the Shooters who now await the winners of the other Canada Cup games to see who will be their next Canada Cup opponent.
The next season regular home game at the Vaughan Soccer Centre is on Sunday July 9 vs Toronto Croatia. Croatia won the first meeting by a score of 2-1. It is a must win game for the Italia Shooters against a divisional rival if they hope to make this year’s playoffs.

Simple Tips, Tricks And Techniques To Build Your Muscle Mass

What is your muscle building regime do you follow? A lot of people try to bulk up their muscle, and this can be very frustrating. Read these tips in this article to learn how to build muscle in new ways.

A common mistake people fail to use proper technique when working out is focusing on speed. Performing an exercise with care and deliberation, and will increase the effectiveness of your workout.

Focus on important exercises such as the deadlift, squat, and bench presses. These exercises are the best for building a solid muscle-building regimen. They are exercises that are proven to build strength, add bulk to muscles, and improve overall condition. Try to work these crucial exercises into your workout.

Make sure to research the best exercises to increase muscle mass.Different exercises target different things; some are better for toning while others are better for bulk.

You need to eat the required food in order to gain an average of one more pound each week. Research ways to bump up your calories, and if increased caloric intake does not improve your mass, then consider muscle building supplements.

You need lots of protein if you are serious about building muscle mass. Protein is one of the building muscles.

Switch the order in which you perform elements of your workout routine. Like any workout, if your routine becomes boring, which can keep you from doing them. Make sure that you do different pieces of equipment at the gym or taking advantage of different exercise classes.

Eating enough protein is essential to building muscle. Protein shakes are some of the most popular ways of boosting your daily protein. These protein-rich products are best consumed after you workout and right before you hit the sack. You should only drink one shake a day. If you wish to gain mass along with muscle, on the other hand, you can have up to three servings of these products per day.

It is possible to make yourself appear larger than your actual size. You can focus on your upper chest and back, shoulders and upper back.

Some people mistakenly consume too much extra protein consumption when beginning of their muscle-building program.

Building muscle does not always have to mean that you will appear ripped. There are various muscle routines that should be considered.

Know where your limit is, but don’t stop doing a particular exercise until you know you have nothing left. When you plan your routine, keep pushing yourself until you cannot complete another push-up or lift the bar one more time.

If bulking up is appealing to you, you have to focus on squatting, dead lifting and bench presses. These exercises can help anyone to get in shape quickly. These three should be the core of your routine, but there can also be other exercises.

Building muscle requires excellent techniques and methods you can use to make your muscles stronger or bigger. Apply the ideas from the article above for a successful muscle-building plan. You can reach your goals with commitment, the proper techniques, and reliable information.